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FiiO Q5
FiiO Q5
FiiO Q5

FiiO Q5


Key Features

  • Dual AK4490EN DAC chips for the ultimate in decoding performance

  • Audiophile-grade components

  • XMOS USB Audio to ensure a rock-solid connection

  • Specially-designed power supply filter and conversion circuit for pure sound goodness

  • Certified by 3 Major Bodies (MFi Certified, Hi-Res Audio Certified & aptX Certified)

  • Interchangeable amp modules fully compatible with FiiO's lineup

  • Balanced and single-ended outputs all in the AM3A

  • Sandblasted and Lasered CNC aluminium body

  • Backside leather for protection and elegance

  • Heartfelt design you can feel with your fingertips

  • Perfectly sized for excellent handling

  • State-of-the-art ADC volume control

  • High performance USB DAC functionality

  • World-class Bluetooth audio

  • WM-PORT support

  • One-stop shop for all of your coaxial/optical/line input needs

  • Controls designed for simplicity and intuitiveness

  • Dual independent micro-USB connectors

  • Unique RGB status lights

  • Gain switches and bass boost

  • 3800 mAh battery for longer listening

  • Intelligent power management

  • A wealth of accessories for a premium experience


Output Power

>150mW (PO/32 ohms)

>400mW (BAL/32 ohms)

THD+N <0.002% (USB DAC)

>115dB (AUX IN)

>115dB (USB DAC)

Headphone Impedance

16-150 ohms (AM3A, PO)

16-300 ohms (AM3A, BAL)

Supported Sampling Rates 384kHz/32bit
DSD Support DSD64/128/256
Battery Capacity 3800 mAh
Battery Life

>25 h (AUX IN)



About 124mm x 64mm x 16mm


About 195 g