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FiiO F3
FiiO F3

FiiO F3


Attractive, not Gaudy

The translucent industrial-grade polycarbonate housing attracts by allowing you to peer into and appreciate the F3's internals. The lustrous, vacuum-ion electroplated shell of the F3 is also exchangeable, allowing you to spice up your life by letting you change between different shells to fit your current mood.

Graphene Driver Diaphragm

Groundbreaking new material with unprecedented thinness and flexibility. The F3 utilizes a cutting-edge graphene driver diaphragm. Graphene, with a thickness of only 0.335nm, is a new nanomaterial that is extremely strong and has excellent conductivity. Due to its properties, a graphene driver diaphragm can very faithfully reproduce your music - giving a clean, rich, yet transparent high-fidelity sound.

Japanese Copper-cald Aluminum Voice Coil

A lighter voice coil makes for faster transients and better overall sound quality. This exactly describes the Japanese copper-clad aluminum voice coil utilized in the F3, which allows it to present a transformative listening experience by clearly bringing forth even the subtlest of details within the music.

Over-the-Ear Design

For a more comfortable and secure fit. The comfort and fit of an in-ear monitor is arguably just as important as its sound quality. With this in mind, FiiO chose to adopt an over-the-ear design for the F3, which ensures it will snugly stay in your ear.

Medical-Grade Silicone Ear Tips

Try different ear tips for different sounds. The F3 includes 3 different sizes of ear tips. Not only does this allow the user to choose a size based on what is comfortable for them, but also allows them to choose the sound they want since different ear tips have different sound signatures. The ear tips are made of medical-grade silicone, which are both comfortable to wear and environmentally-friendly to boot.

Polyurethane Cable

Polyurethane-robust, yet lightweight. After extensively experimenting with and evaluating a wide variety of materials on a multitude of factors, polyurethane emerged as the material of choice for the F3's cable. Polyurethane is a low microphonic, durable material that is also lightweight, highly elastic and tough against scrapes.

Covenient Aluminum Alloy In-Line Controls

A single cable to control your music and your calls without missing a beat. The F3's in-line control unit is made of aluminum alloy, which is not only lightweight yet durable but also is resistant to oxidation, making for a better feel. The F3's inline controls are fully compatible with FiiO's newer X-series players, such as the X1 2nd gen. The high-definition microphone and call button are also compatible with iOS and Android devices. Volume adjustment is also available for Android devices.

Sophisticated Attention to Detail

From the 3.5mm L-type gold-plated plug, to the cable cinch, to the CD pattern finish, to the clear left/right channel identification marks, every detail on the F3 is carefully thought out so each part can live up to the excellent sound quality.