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Crazybaby Air
Crazybaby Air
Crazybaby Air
Crazybaby Air

Crazybaby Air


Key Features

  • Carbon Nanotube Membrane
  • True Wireless Stereo
  • Secure Comfortable Fit
  • On-The-Go Charging Pod
  • CSR Latest Chip
  • Water Resistant
  • Latest Bluetooth 4.2
  • CVC 8th Noise Isolation

The Future is Wireless

We spent 12 months putting our passion for perfection to the test, creating the next generation of revolutionary wireless headphones. Air is the first true wireless headphone in the world to implement carbon nanotube technology. This is a major industry breakthrough that will allow Air to have a comfortable, ergonomic design while looking, feeling and, most importantly, sounding spectacular.

Run Without Wires

No tangled wires, no bouncing, no cable noise, no slippage. Water resistant so you can sweat even harder to hit your personal record.

Immerse Yourself in Virtual Worlds

Discover a immersive audio experience beyond imagination in your VR world. Air can be seamlessly connected to your VR headset via bluetooth to deliver an accurate real-world sound


Water-resistant (IPX6), Air will always be ready for the unexpected. You'll be able to keep the jams coming year-round, whether you're at the gym or shredding a double black diamond.

Designed for Incredible Sound

We’ve spent thousands of hours working with world-class acoustic labs and audio engineers to develop the very best wireless headphones - Air has been built with a 5.2 mm customized speaker driver, and utilizes a cutting-edge Carbon Nanotube diaphragm and the latest CSR chip. These features unite to deliver a design that immerses you in your music, the way it was meant to sound.

Never Drop Audio Connection

In a world flooded with Bluetooth technology, Air is a cut above the rest. The latest CSR high quality decoding chip provides a consistent reliable connection that never drops out.

Powerful CSR Chip

By including the latest embedded CSR chipset, Air delivers high-performance TWS (True Wireless Stereo) sound without additional bulk.

Bluetooth 4.2

BLE 4.2 protocol increases the data transmission speed by 2.5 times, Bluetooth over IPV6 to enable less energy consuming and safer internet access.

The World's First Carbon Nanotube Wireless Headphones

We passionately designed a larger-than-life acoustic system by utilizing a carbon nanotube diaphragm. As a result of this design, the speaker driver is compact and durable, with the ability to deliver ultra-fast responses for elegant, sophisticated sound.

Customised 5.2mm Ultra-Thin Speaker Driver

In addition to utilizing cutting-edge carbon nanotechnology, we customized the 5.2mm speaker driver using industry-leading model analysis, fine-tuning and adjusting the positioning and size of every element in the speaker chamber.

Embrace Ergonomic Design

Fits comfortably and securely in your ears. Each earbud has adjustable sillicone tips to fit ears of any size.

Secure-fit Ergonomic Design

To guarantee a secure, comfortable fit for every user, we scanned and analyzed hundreds of ears. Then created a variety of size combinations to fit them. Additionally, we created three “Sport Sleeves” for using with strenuous exercise - made with medical-grade silicone, these sleeves are ultra-light and skin-friendly.

The Air Leash

Built with innovative, flexible, tear-free fabric material, the Air Leash is virtually weightless, convenient to bring wherever you need. While Air itself has a secure fit that works with all ear sizes, the Air Leash is an additional safeguard for when you need it most - whether you’re hitting the slopes or running a marathon.

CVC 8TH Microphone

CVC 8TH Noise Isolation Technology +Double digital silicon microphone will maintain the most reliable call quality by preventing the background noise efficiently.

crazybaby App for iOS and Android 

The free iOS and Android apps will get your listening started in a beat, and allow you to customize your EQ to get exactly the sound you want.

Ask Your Personal Assistant

When connected to a smartphone, you can press to talk to your voice assistant while keeping your phone in your pocket. Supports Cortana, Google & Siri

Pair will All Bluetooth Devices

Connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device to play games, stream movies, immerse yourself in virtual reality, or even to just walk around the house.